Wedding Guest Dress Deals

I really love a good deal, but the one thing I love more than a deal is the hunt for one. It’s really satisfying for me to go through racks and track down the best of the best. I spent 2 hours tonight at Lord & Taylor at the King of Prussia Mall outside Philly looking for a dress for my birthday outing in 2 weeks, some cancer benefits in April and May, and later these will be worn to the summer weddings I’m attending. I scored BIG time. I scoured TEN $49.99 racks for most of the time and spent a little time on the 25% off rack. First I found a gorgeous cobalt blue Laundry by Shelli Segal dress with a gold beaded collar, originally $285, got it for $39.99. The collar looks very Cleopatra. (There aren’t straps those are just the little hanger guys)

My second steal is a black chiffon JS boutique dress, originally $198, got it for $39.99.

And finally I splurged a little and got this gorgeous Adrianna Papell number, originally $228 for $137.

It has gorgeous aquamarine and pearl beading along the neckline and it’s this stunning gunmetal silver color. Love them all! Obviously I’m into beaded collars. And since I never can find any necklaces I like, these dresses take care of that problem for me. I’m really looking forward to wearing my own clothes to weddings for awhile. As much as being a bridesmaid is lovely, I adore being one of a kind – and knowing I paid bottom dollar for my designer duds!


Bouquet Snagged!!!

I just got home from my friend Caroline’s wedding in Nashville, TN and after a lot of hard work and many hours spent planning, a fabulous time was had by all. I wore a fun red full length one shoulder dress (borrowed from my dear friend Alicita) and some great rented jewels from RTR. My necklace and bracelet pictured above are Nicole Miller and the ring, which you can see grasping that bouquet is by Lee Angel – it was super fun to wear! If you want to see the photographer’s shots you can LIKE Myrick Studios on Facebook, and click “The Kiesler Wedding” and see me dancing and catching the bouquet and all the other gorgeous details the wedding had to offer. Thanks again go out to Caroline and Doug for letting me take part in their special day.

What I am wearing! A Hindu Wedding

In mid-October my cousin Emily is having two wedding ceremonies in 2 days. The first on Friday is a traditional Hindu ceremony beginning at a temple in Queens, NY and the second on Saturday a civil ceremony, followed by a fancy reception in the evening at the University Club in Manhattan.  For this weekend I will need 2 outfits, both formal enough for ceremonies but suitable to the very distinct times of day (7am and 5:30pm).  I’m pretty settled on my wardrobe for this event, but as always I love feedback!

Friday Hindu Ceremony and Lunch in Queens, both at the Temple:

Solid Purple Donna Morgan, purchased at Marshalls for around $30.You can see the true color better here.

Saturday Ceremony and Black-tie optional reception, both at the U club:

I’m super proud of this purchase. I originally saw this dress at Saks online and immediately fell in love, but it was $495 – out of my reach for sure. A few weeks later the dress went on Rue la la for $99 but they didn’t have my size, blast! Then the fates were very kind and with help from my sister, it was mine at last! I am so excited to wear this, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.
Cobalt Nicole Miller full length dress with gold and silver embroidery, TJ Maxx St. Davids, PA $99

WTW Winner – Jersey Winery Wedding

Thanks so much for all your votes! The purple and black BR dress was a clear standout and I’m super excited to wear it to this weekend’s wedding. As you can see, my dress is drycleaned and ready to go, card signed, and gift wrapped. There’s only one more thing I need and that’s my sister! She is arriving on Friday night from Pittsburgh and I haven’t seen her in ages because she just got home from 3 weeks in Europe (lucky girl, I know). I can’t wait to pick you up kiddo! We’re gonna have a blast at this one.

What to Wear? A Jersey Winery Wedding

My cousin Katie is getting married in early October at a very traditional Catholic Church in central NJ and then her reception is at a nearby winery.  I’m especially excited about this wedding b/c my sister Allison Eve is her photographer, check her out!  Again I need your help deciding what to wear. I’ve been thinking of wearing this black dress with pearl embroidery.  My friend L.A. has a great Milly dress with pearl embroidery that inspired this purchase. Her dress was a huge hit at a black tie wedding where I was a Bridesmaid in July. Some people frown on wearing black to weddings (unless it’s black tie of course) and admittedly I am one of them especially in the summer, but in fall and winter I embrace the classic black. It’s also easy to mix up a simple black dress with pearls, turquoise jewelery, or a colorful sash. Fellow Bloggers, what are your thoughts on wearing black at weddings?  I’m also considering wearing the Banana purple and black dress from the WTW post in August. The BR dress received lots of votes last time and I do love it (mostly b/c it’s purple), but in the end it just wasn’t right for the Labor Day outdoor party setting. So we will give it another chance. Here are your two options, vote away!!!

Simple and classic. Maggy London, Steinmart sale, $59

 I was thinking this could be cool, because it’s sorta the color of red wines… haha. Banana Republic, clearance, $49

WTW Winner – Labor Day Weekend Wedding

Wow that’s a lot of Dubyas. After tabulating the votes from last week’s WTW and reviewing the wedding itinerary a bit more, I’ve decided to wear…

Lilly on Friday (still can’t pick which one – will have to be a spur of the moment thing with consultation from my wedding weekend roomie, The Tipster)

CK on Saturday:

And MK on Sunday:

Thanks for all your votes!!! Look for more WTW (What to wear) episodes coming in September – I have two October weddings, two weeks in a row, BRING IT ON!

What to wear? A new series

The main part of wedding season has come to a close, and now I have a few upcoming off-season weddings to attend as a guest.  As fun as being a Bridesmaid is, I am relieved to be a simple guest for the next few months. However, one thing I struggle with when I’m not a Bridesmaid is what to wear. Today I went to Steinmart in search of a deal and I found two great dresses (with assistance via text from Bex). Then when I got home I started to think about where I would wear my new dresses. This led to another text exchange with my friend J-mandy, and then to me thinking up this new feature.

So up first is a wedding on Labor Day weekend: my friends from college Liz and Tim will wed in his hometown of Rochester, NY. I went to their engagement party last fall, you may remember the story. The Bride and Groom’s families are very generously including out-of-town guests in a Friday night party, the wedding itself on Saturday and a BBQ at a lake house on Sunday. I’m so excited about all these fun events. But what to wear? I have 2 options for each of the 3 events. Please vote in the comment section, thanks 😀

(please forgive the BB pics, I live alone and my digi doesn’t have a self timer)

Friday night cocktail party at Groom’s parents’ home:

Banana Republic jersey and satin cocktail dress, BR clearance $49

Lilly Pulitzer beaded Jubilee dress, LP store $378

Saturday Ceremony – Catholic Church/Reception – Country Club:

Aqua full length sexy back Calvin Klein, Marshalls $40

Navy ruffled Eliza J, Nordstrom sale $69

Sunday BBQ at the Lake House:

Michael Kors maxi dress, Steinmart sale $48

Lilly Pulitzer cotton sundress, Warehouse sale 2010 $69