Margarita Shower Favors

(If your name is Sarah W. stop reading now, unless you don’t care about being surprised about your shower favors.)

Everyone else, welcome to my latest adventure in creating fun, personal and inexpensive favors for a friend’s bridal shower. Sarah is a grad school friend and much of our friendship was forged while eating tacos and drinking margaritas at a local place near the University of Delaware. If you’ve been to grad school you know how important tequila can be to your survival. If you haven’t been to grad school, you may not fully understand. Anyways, we are having Sarah’s shower at a Latin restaurant in Pittsburgh PA this weekend and the margaritas will be flowing! I’m very excited about this location as it is uniquely Sarah and the food is delish. Because the location suits the Bride so well, myself and the MOH Lora wanted to be sure the invites and favors also felt like Sarah. I designed the invites using a template from and the finished favors can be seen below, read on to learn how I created them myself and just how little they cost!

A few weeks ago, I began to brainstorm about these favors and decided to give each guest a margarita magnet and a recipe card with my margarita drink recipe on it. So I went onto the internet and started to look into buying margarita magnets in bulk. To get about 30 magnets was $2 or $3 per magnet, which seemed like a lot. As I was looking at the magnets I realized they looked a lot like buttons I make at work to use for recognition for students, just with magnets on the back and not pins. I wondered to myself if I could buy buttons with magnet-backs instead of pin-backs and then use my work machine to simply press them together.  I went to our typical button supply company and lo and behold they do sell magnet back buttons. I was even able to find a better price with, so I purchased my own supplies and set out to create margarita buttons. In order to do this you would need a button press like this one (they are expensive, but if you have access to one already, supplies are reasonable, or if you would use it often it would be a good investment – fundraising as well as craft options with these things are endless):

Here are my supplies and the invite I used as inspiration.

Using simple clip art and my color printer I created these first:

I forgot to take a picture when these were in paper form, but below you’ll get to see the process start to finish. After creating the margarita magnets, I thought they looked great! At that point, I planned to write out index cards for each guest with my margarita recipe on them. I mentioned this to a coworker and she said “Can you put the recipe on a magnet?” and I thought well there’s a great idea! And I was able to format the recipe using text boxes in publisher to create these:

Next I went about making these recipes into magnets. You load the button press with the back sharp side up, then a metal disc sharp side down, then the artwork face up (like one of the recipes) and then a plastic clear disc, then simply press. The resulting button can than have a magnet simply stuck on the back. The supplies I ordered came with self-adhesive magnets but you could use a glue gun to secure them. The recipe magnets turned out great! I color coded them to showcase 4 recipes: Classic, Cadillac, Gold and Mango. Here is the result:

All my buttons are stacked up and ready to travel to Pitt!! Each guest will receive a margarita magnet as well as their choice of 1 of the 4 recipe magnets. All 50 magnets cost only $21 to create!!!  I really hope Sarah loves them as much as I do.


Artist Spotlight: Aressa, Etsy

I became obsessed with these wire hangers after seeing them featured over and over by another wedding photographer who I love. After about the 10th one I saw, I asked if he knew where the Brides were getting them and he said Etsy. Lo and behold, after some easy searching I found Aressa. I quickly ordered 2 hangers for 2 friends who are getting married this winter 2011 and next spring 2012. Here are the two pics of them. I had this blue one made in the exact shade of my Bridesmaid dress for my friend Sarah’s wedding in 2012. She was very excited when she opened it. I can’t wait to see her gorgeous dress hanging from it!!

For Sarah

And the black one is for my friend Caroline. I mailed it to her in TN a few weeks ago, and got to experience her excitement via FB. I can’t wait for this wedding day (it’s so soon)!! Only 72 more days 😀

For Caroline

These hangers make great Bachelorette or Shower gifts. They are VERY affordable – ranging from $20 to $25 each. The creator can make them in various colors and finishes. Ordering was easy and delivery was fast (considering they are handmade)!

Linen and Lace

A little while back I blogged about the Showerette I was throwing for my college best friend, and last night was the party. We had a fantastic time!!! Bdette and I, who are co-MOH’s in this wedding, transformed her apartment into a lacy bachelorette pad fit for a Queen. One of our favorite decorations used were paper doilies I picked up at Michael’s Crafts for $4. I made a wreath to decorate the door using small round doilies taped to the door, and then I threaded a light blue ribbon through them to make a circle.
And Bdette had the great idea to sew them together to make a sort of banner across the windows. If you had told me a week ago I would be sewing something again after the veil and sash I made last month, I would have laughed. I could probably use sewing lessons, ha! But this was actually easy, I just threaded white string through the holes in the large square doilies.

Because we invited guests to give a linen or lace gift we wanted to display the lingerie gifts. We used a white satin ribbon and made a clothesline. We tied the bras, panties and nightgowns to the clothesline with tiny pieces of blue ribbon. It looked really cool!!

What’s a Showerette?

Ahh, yet another trip to Target for invites. I just can’t get enough! The price is right and the selection is lovely. This time I decided to pick up these pink cardstock sheets. Each one was blank, aside from the word “PARTY!” in a gold foil on the side. The accompanying envelopes even had gold foil lining, LOVE. I decided to try using my computer this time. My handwriting is ok, but it does take longer and certainly more care to hand write invites which I learned here and here.

So using Word and a laser printer, I created the invites for another friend’s Showerette to take place in June. What’s a showerette you say? I have to give credit for this term to my partner in crime (and planning), Bdette. Because this Bride’s guests are all over the U.S. she had 2 family showers in PA and OR, and we are responsible for the friends’ shower in DC. Our college friends are also spread out, so it didn’t make sense to have a Shower one week and then a Bachelorette weeks later. We decided to combine things, and Bdette started calling it a Showerette. Isn’t she clever? I certainly think so. So we’re having a Linen and Lace theme and guests can give traditional shower gifts (linen) or sexy lingerie gifts (lace).

If you would like to make invites this way, make sure you set your printer to Cardstock and Manual Feed. Be careful as you feed each sheet into the Printer, if you push it crooked, it prints crooked (like duh). It’s also good to buy a few extra invites, I bought 30 and produced 26 acceptable invites.

I will update after the party with some pics. We have all kinds of fun decorations planned. I promise to get carried away with this theme, lol.

Recipe Shower Invites

Today I threw a surprise shower for my best friend, Shortcake. I’d been dying to post about this but the party was a surprise, so I had to wait.

I picked up these lovely invites at Target for about $1 each. The picture isn’t as sharp as I’d like but each invite is blue with a wedding dress on it. Each one had a satin bow or piece of lace on it as well. So pretty!! I wrote in all the information for the party by hand, but I’m sure I could have ran them through a printer as well. I couldn’t resist picking up the matching thank you notes for the Bride. I included them as part of her gift and labeled them with the guests’ addresses in advance. The Bride loves to cook, so I sent blank recipe cards to each guest and asked them to bring them to the shower, filled in with their favorite recipe.

The party was a total success!

I get a new sister!!!

The surprise shower last week was for my godsister-in-law to be, Alyssa. She is marrying my godbrother Brad. I’m so excited!!! In our family god parents and their children are just like regular siblings. We all grew up together in the Philly area, so it’s our first family wedding. Her Bridesmaids put together a wonderful day with a delicious meal and Alyssa opened over 100 gifts!

Also their wedding is on Kentucky Derby Day and my god sister Allison and I love the Kentucky Derby. So we’re getting hats to wear at the reception. I may even wear mine to Church!!! We’re still in the market for an ivory hat for Alyssa if anyone has suggestions.

Here is a pic of my hat:
It’s fab, I know 😉

And it begins

Bring on the full fledged wedding season! It always starts with a shower.

Headed to a Shower in the AM for someone very special!!! Can’t say who because it’s a surprise. I bought a funny gift! I’m super excited. Wish the sis was in town, but it will still be fun. Can’t wait to see family and friends. Will report back with more afterwards.