My Apartment Misses Me

In the past 6 weeks I have spent one weekend in my own home. I can’t even believe it myself. My travels include 35+ hours in the car, 5 Southwest flights, and use of two subway systems. I have been to St. Pete’s Beach, FL for work; spent a night at my dad’s house in the Philly Burbs for a family thing; traveled to Nashville, TN for a wedding; hit up Washington, DC for a visit to the alma mater; stopped by my grandmother’s in upstate PA for her 89th Birthday; drove the 300+ miles to Pittsburgh, PA to see my lil’ sister; and then most recently jetted to Newport, RI for another wedding. Whew! I’m really looking forward to sleeping in my own bed this weekend. I do have some plans to enjoy the St. Patty’s Day-ness with the man friend. There is a rumor about a fancy steak dinner! Will report back. Hope everyone has a safe and very green St. Patrick’s Day and weekend. Drink some green beer!!!


10 in 2010

I have attended 10 weddings in 2010, in just under 10 months, and clearly I needed to write about this on 10/10/10. My wedding season began on February 6, 2010 and ended yesterday on October 9, 2010. Whew what a year!!! Congratulations to all the happy couples and thank you for including me in your special day. Here are my favorite pics from each of the happy days:

Katie & Matt 2.6.10 Downingtown, PA

Rob & Amy 4.2.10 Portland, OR

Brad & Alyssa 5.1.10 Wilmington, DE

Berry & Doug 6.12.10 West Chester, PA

 Mark & Mandy 6.26.10 Philadelphia, PA

Crystal & Steve 7.24.10 Washington, DC

Liz & Tim 9.4.10 Rochester, NY

Katie & Pete 10.2.10 Egg Harbor City, NJ

Emily & Vijay Hindu Ceremony 10.8.10 Flushing, NY

Emily & Vijay Civil Ceremony 10.9.10 Manhattan, NY

Happy Anniversary to me

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I started this blog!! Since then I’ve attended 12 weddings, been a MOH twice, thrown 6 showers/bachelorettes and learned a great deal. This year the blog will begin to focus more on saving money as you plan weddings, participate as an attendant or go as a guest. You’ve seen a little of this already with this summers DIY Bachelorette Accessories posts and it will continue in my new series beginning tomorrow about clothes. I have a bad habit of buying something new every single time I have a party or event, so I am going shopping tomorrow for dresses and then I’m not allowed to buy another dress until Christmas. My challenge is to dress for 4 weddings, a few showers, and a couple of bachelorettes in that time with clothes I already have and what I can buy tomorrow for less than $100 total. Bring it on!!

Happy Fourth!

This blog isn’t always about weddings, sometimes it’s just about delicious dessert. Today I made Red, White, and Blue desserts for our Family BBQ in honor of Independence Day and my dad’s 59th Birthday. I made an Angel Food Cake and my sister made a strawberry topping. Also I made what we call Blueberry Fluff. It’s a delish combo of sponge cake, cream cheese, dream whip, and stewed blueberries. YUM!

Paint your own Cake Plate

I created this cake plate at The Painted Plate in West Chester, PA. It is a 14 inch plate with a 4 inch pedastal. You can create a similar one for around $60. Above is a pic before it was fired, and below is the final result. I added a strawberry and a skateboard as icons of the couple to be. Many of you have seen Shortcake around the site before and today she will marry the man of her dreams!! And her wedding cake will sit on this plate. I’m so excited to be a part of her day. More to come after the wedding!

A Busy Wedding Guest

Currently my fridge has 4 shower invites, 3 save the date magnets, 3 save the date postcards and a photo from a wedding I went to last year. Isn’t it pretty?

So yes Wedding Season has begun! And that means lots of dates to remember, presents to wrap, errands to run, people to call, dresses to be steamed and dancing shoes to polish. I am determined this year to be a super organized wedding guest and bridesmaid. Admittedly I’m pretty organized all the time, but wedding season requires OCD level organizatoin. I’m gonna go on record and say that I use files. Every wedding I’m invited to gets a file – in it goes any save the date, invites to pre-wedding parties, receipts from gifts, travel documents if needed, and my notes on stuff I need to do for that particular wedding like alter a dress, write a speech, or make a slideshow. Usually party invites and save the dates are on the fridge until the party happens and the wedding invite arrives. I just made my master to-do list for the next few weeks this evening and it’s massive. It includes gifts needing to be ordered, RSVPs to be completed, DIY projects to complete, dresses to be altered and bachlorette parties to plan. I’ve got a lot of head of me, and it’s gonna be fun!!!

And it begins

Bring on the full fledged wedding season! It always starts with a shower.

Headed to a Shower in the AM for someone very special!!! Can’t say who because it’s a surprise. I bought a funny gift! I’m super excited. Wish the sis was in town, but it will still be fun. Can’t wait to see family and friends. Will report back with more afterwards.