Rent the Runway Jewels

I clearly don’t have enough to say about this weekend. Today I received a very special UPS delivery of gorgeous AV Max bangles and a pair of Isharya earrings, which I’ll be wearing to the Hair of the Dog celebration on Saturday. I borrowed them from Rent the Runway. If you haven’t heard of RTR, you should check it out and join immediately. Send me your email and I’ll send you an invite ( It’s free to join, and rental rates are very reasonable, especially for accessories.  Here are pics of what I rented:

My secret is out, I write reminders on my hands.
My earlobe looks funny

I bought this ring to own at Kenneth Cole on sale for $18 earlier this week. Love the stacked look, but it’s just one piece.

Nail Polish is OPI for Sephora, Ocean Love Potion

I promise I will post a picture of my total ensemble on Sunday.  Can’t wait!!!


Black Tie Bachelorette

Yes, please. On January 15, I will be attending the 2011 Hair O’ The Dog Party aboard the Philadelphia Belle Riverboat. I’m pretty darn excited about my outfit, but more on that next week. I’m even more ecstatic about the ladies I’ll be attending this party with. This Bachelorette will be celebrated in Caroline‘s honor and another Something Blu Bride, Shortcake will be in attendance. Other fab friends new and old will round out our pack of the hottest girls at this party. The boys aren’t gonna know what hit them.

Now for all you skeptics out there who are balking at the extravagance of a Black Tie Bachelorette I want to set some things right. Every bachelorette party I’ve been to, I’ve spent at least $50, and the average is more like $75 to $100 (I won’t get into the most I’ve spent). And this fine and dandy party costs $88 a head, yet it includes drinks for 4+ hours and hors devours, not to mention 2 live bands on two decks and a live DJ on a third deck.  So really it’s a steal! And honestly if you’re gonna do something, why not do it with style?

Artist Spotlight: Aressa, Etsy

I became obsessed with these wire hangers after seeing them featured over and over by another wedding photographer who I love. After about the 10th one I saw, I asked if he knew where the Brides were getting them and he said Etsy. Lo and behold, after some easy searching I found Aressa. I quickly ordered 2 hangers for 2 friends who are getting married this winter 2011 and next spring 2012. Here are the two pics of them. I had this blue one made in the exact shade of my Bridesmaid dress for my friend Sarah’s wedding in 2012. She was very excited when she opened it. I can’t wait to see her gorgeous dress hanging from it!!

For Sarah

And the black one is for my friend Caroline. I mailed it to her in TN a few weeks ago, and got to experience her excitement via FB. I can’t wait for this wedding day (it’s so soon)!! Only 72 more days 😀

For Caroline

These hangers make great Bachelorette or Shower gifts. They are VERY affordable – ranging from $20 to $25 each. The creator can make them in various colors and finishes. Ordering was easy and delivery was fast (considering they are handmade)!

Linen and Lace

A little while back I blogged about the Showerette I was throwing for my college best friend, and last night was the party. We had a fantastic time!!! Bdette and I, who are co-MOH’s in this wedding, transformed her apartment into a lacy bachelorette pad fit for a Queen. One of our favorite decorations used were paper doilies I picked up at Michael’s Crafts for $4. I made a wreath to decorate the door using small round doilies taped to the door, and then I threaded a light blue ribbon through them to make a circle.
And Bdette had the great idea to sew them together to make a sort of banner across the windows. If you had told me a week ago I would be sewing something again after the veil and sash I made last month, I would have laughed. I could probably use sewing lessons, ha! But this was actually easy, I just threaded white string through the holes in the large square doilies.

Because we invited guests to give a linen or lace gift we wanted to display the lingerie gifts. We used a white satin ribbon and made a clothesline. We tied the bras, panties and nightgowns to the clothesline with tiny pieces of blue ribbon. It looked really cool!!

DIY Bachelorette Accessories Part 2

To continue my DIY Bachelorette crafting this week, I also picked up supplies to make a veil at Michaels. I bought 1 yard each of a pink sparkly tulle and white sparkly tulle. Luckily I had given the Bride-to-Be a tiara as a Birthday gift a few years ago, so I borrowed that from her. I also grabbed some sequins I had from a shirt I bought a while back. I don’t think I will actually need to replace them on the shirt anytime soon.

I began by ironing the pieces of tulle and then folded them in quarters. I cut the bottom of each color, rounding out the corner without a fold (right side here). I also cut along the long edge (top seen here) to make it slightly rounded. As seen below:

Once unfolded all the way the piece was basically a large oval. Folding it in quarters allowed me to cut it once and have it all be symmetrical. Think about when you folded paper to cut a heart as a child!

Next I took the each oval and folded it in half. Then I folded them individually accordion style, with the folded edge at the top:
This allowed me to gather the wide piece into a smaller bunch. Now I began to sew the tulle to the tiara. The tiara had zig zags, which made it very easy to use. I began with the pink tulle and held the folded edge of the fabric, still folded accordion style and put one stitch through all the layers of the tulle, effectively binding them together. Then I set out to attach it to the tiara. I started at one end and simply weaved it in and out and then repeated the process with the white tulle. The end was result was not something fit for a wedding day, but for my first attempt at making a veil, I thought it turned out great. Also I saved myself some cash. Veils with tiaras, which I saw online, were $20-$30 with shipping. I made this for a grand total of $15.

DIY Bachelorette Accessories Part 1

As Shortcake’s Bachelorette approaches I’ve been working on a few things for her to wear. Earlier this week I looked online and at a few stores at sashes, veils, and tiaras, but I didn’t find anything I loved at the right price. It seemed that most items were poorly made or those that were of better quality were quite expensive. So I thought to myself, “How hard can it be to make a sash?”

I went to Michael’s Craft Store and picked up a number of things. For the sash I bought 2 yards of wide white satin ribbon, some pink sparkly iron-on letters, and a few stick on rhinestones.

I began by measuring the ribbon with a friend’s help. I simply placed it over her shoulder and pinned it where it hit her hip. Later I turned it “inside out” and then sewed that spot together, creating a diagonal hem, then I trimmed it and scorched the edges with a match (so it would not unravel) and then I turned it back to the now outside, seen below.

Next I laid out the letters to spell Bachelorette and then followed the instuctions that came with the letters. Basically iron with a towel on top and then lightly go over the back of the ribbon. Lastly I added the rhinestones, which I stuck at the top and bottom of the sash. To make the sash myself was about $6. They were selling online for about $15 to $20. I will post a photo of Shortcake wearing this ASAP!