What I am wearing! A Hindu Wedding

In mid-October my cousin Emily is having two wedding ceremonies in 2 days. The first on Friday is a traditional Hindu ceremony beginning at a temple in Queens, NY and the second on Saturday a civil ceremony, followed by a fancy reception in the evening at the University Club in Manhattan.  For this weekend I will need 2 outfits, both formal enough for ceremonies but suitable to the very distinct times of day (7am and 5:30pm).  I’m pretty settled on my wardrobe for this event, but as always I love feedback!

Friday Hindu Ceremony and Lunch in Queens, both at the Temple:

Solid Purple Donna Morgan, purchased at Marshalls for around $30.You can see the true color better here.

Saturday Ceremony and Black-tie optional reception, both at the U club:

I’m super proud of this purchase. I originally saw this dress at Saks online and immediately fell in love, but it was $495 – out of my reach for sure. A few weeks later the dress went on Rue la la for $99 but they didn’t have my size, blast! Then the fates were very kind and with help from my sister, it was mine at last! I am so excited to wear this, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.
Cobalt Nicole Miller full length dress with gold and silver embroidery, TJ Maxx St. Davids, PA $99

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