What to wear? A new series

The main part of wedding season has come to a close, and now I have a few upcoming off-season weddings to attend as a guest.  As fun as being a Bridesmaid is, I am relieved to be a simple guest for the next few months. However, one thing I struggle with when I’m not a Bridesmaid is what to wear. Today I went to Steinmart in search of a deal and I found two great dresses (with assistance via text from Bex). Then when I got home I started to think about where I would wear my new dresses. This led to another text exchange with my friend J-mandy, and then to me thinking up this new feature.

So up first is a wedding on Labor Day weekend: my friends from college Liz and Tim will wed in his hometown of Rochester, NY. I went to their engagement party last fall, you may remember the story. The Bride and Groom’s families are very generously including out-of-town guests in a Friday night party, the wedding itself on Saturday and a BBQ at a lake house on Sunday. I’m so excited about all these fun events. But what to wear? I have 2 options for each of the 3 events. Please vote in the comment section, thanks 😀

(please forgive the BB pics, I live alone and my digi doesn’t have a self timer)

Friday night cocktail party at Groom’s parents’ home:

Banana Republic jersey and satin cocktail dress, BR clearance $49

Lilly Pulitzer beaded Jubilee dress, LP store $378

Saturday Ceremony – Catholic Church/Reception – Country Club:

Aqua full length sexy back Calvin Klein, Marshalls $40

Navy ruffled Eliza J, Nordstrom sale $69

Sunday BBQ at the Lake House:

Michael Kors maxi dress, Steinmart sale $48

Lilly Pulitzer cotton sundress, Warehouse sale 2010 $69


9 thoughts on “What to wear? A new series

  1. Tough choices, but I vote option A straight through. I love those silhouettes and colors on you. Gorgeous.

  2. adeceve says:

    Lilly, CK, Lilly.

  3. adeceve says:

    I would have voted for the Banana dress for cocktail if it were later in the fall, though.

  4. Eliza Blu says:

    I need more votes… only the CK is a clear leader at this point. lol.

  5. Bex says:

    I vote Banana, CK, MK.You'll look jazzy no matter what you wear, boo.;o)

  6. Naked Turtle says:

    Banana, CK, MK, but wow you look great in all of them! I do so love the Eliza J but never fancied black for a wedding unless that was the theme.

  7. Violet says:

    I like the CK dress the best too for Sat. And the MK dress is perfect for a lakeside picnic! The LP dress is great for Friday, not too fancy but still adorable! LOVE this new series!

  8. Sara says:

    1. choice a2. choice b3. choice alove you!

  9. Shortcake says:

    1. BR2. CK3. Totally torn between MK and LP ( i know, i know)

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