A great bridesmaid gift?

The other day my BFF, Bride Shortcake says, “What do you want as a Bridesmaids’ gift?” I thought for a few minutes and really couldn’t come up with squat. Then I thought of all the gifts I’ve already received as a Bridesmaid. So I answered the question in the negative. I don’t want a tote bag monogrammed with my initials. I don’t want a $20 gift certificate to an obscure boutique in Old City I will forget to use before it expires. I don’t want another pair of dangly earrings– I like jewelry A LOT, please come over and pick out a pair you like that I already own. I don’t want a flask. I don’t want a t-shirt that says Bridesmaid across my chest. And I don’t want a pair of jazzed up old navy flip flops.

Disclaimer: If I was in your wedding and you gave me one of these items, I love it! I just don’t need two.

However, now that some time has passed, I thought of something I really do want. Shortcake, I’d like to have a sleepover with you in your parents’ house, in your childhood bedroom, complete with me on the trundle bed. Just the two of us. And we may have to play dress up in some of our high school clothes, or at least look at some really bad old photos.

As for a tangible gift I did come up with a few suggestions, as I’m trying to be helpful. I would wear a sturdy pair of flip flops (which happen to coordinate with our BM dresses) from say, J. Crew, at your reception. Or you could also give a useful engraved item to each Bridesmaid with a statement or rhyme that reminds you of her. It could be a key chain, letter opener, picture frame…the options are endless.


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