A Fall Colored Wedding

My Beautiful Friends post was just a small preview of the fun to be had at Lissa Bee and Officer Jack’s Wedding. They created a lot of the things seen around the wedding themselves or with the help of friends and family. I love when couple’s do this, because it makes everything so personal and special. As you can see above, fall colors were everywhere! Sister of the Bride Lil’Jess made fabulous centerpieces below for all the tables with different photos of the couple on each table attached to a pumpkin and paired with a bouquet of fall flowers.

Their cake also featured a very unique cake topper with the bride and groom poised to shoot. Lissa Bee and Officer Jack met when they both joined the Capitol Police Force about 3 years ago.

The Bride and Groom also really love them some tattoos. In fact one of the first things Lissa Bee ever told me about Jack was how beautiful his leg was because of the gorgeous tattoo on it! Here you can see some of the Bride’s ink as she breaks it down on the dance floor!


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