Beautiful Friends

Last night my friend Lissa Bee wed her true love Officer Jack. The whole day was amazing. Another friend of ours officiated and started the day off with an extremely personal ceremony. We all laughed as Lissa Bee swiftly kicked her train out of her way and tossed a grin over her shoulder. Tears were in large supply as the Bride and Groom exchanged their vows and shared their first kiss as man and wife. As they walked down the aisle, Lissa Bee raised her bouquet in victory and let out a cheer. The reception was also a rockin’ time. Highlights included a garter removal not to be forgotten as the groom found a flip flop, spoon, condoms, and finally a garter hidden in Lissa’s dress. I’m in the middle of taking out the red eye and sharpening the photos now, so a full post is to come later this week. It was a beautiful day with cherished friends and lots of special moments. Congrats you married lady!


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