Recipe Shower

One of my favorite Bridal Shower themes is Recipe or Kitchen Showers. And lucky for me, I’m attending one tomorrow!! I am currently trying to choose a recipe to share with the Bride, current front runners include, homemade salad dressing, Chocolate Wacky Cake (no eggs or butter –WWII recipe), or my famous pasta salad. Feel free to vote below!

I love this shower idea because, #1 it’s interactive. It allows guests to contribute a free gift to the couple!! Who doesn’t love to give something significant without spending money? #2 The Bride (and potentially the Groom) gain a recipe for something new! And who doesn’t love good food? #3 It makes my decision about what gift to buy lots and lots easier! Because I can be a super nerd and buy something off the registry that they could use to make my dish. Such as a salad bowl and dressing shaker; cake pan and mixing bowl; large kettle and produce knife. Can we tell I love a themed gift?

I will report in about the shower on Sunday, and which recipe wins!!!


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