Philly event

Last week I went to a Knottie gathering in Philadelphia. It was loads of fun: free drinks, free food, a few vendors and lots of brides! It was held in the new Chestnut Club, which has yet to open to the public. This great historic theater has been transformed into a classic ballroom incorporating the old woodwork and little nooks. The ballroom also features a floor to ceiling window overlooking Chestnut Street at one end. It would be a fabulous downtown Philly location to have a ceremony and/or reception.

Click Here to see some photos of brides telling viewers what The Knot means to them at the event.

Featured is a pic of me and my best friend, who is getting married next June. I got a special MOH guest spot in the photo. She loves The Knot because “She would be totally CLUELESS without it.”


One thought on “ Philly event

  1. Shortcake says:

    I must say, we look pretty fab.

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