Brides with Ruby Slippers

and Blue, Green, Yellow, and Purple too!!

This is a trend I have totally fallen in love with. It warms my heart to see Brides slide into colorful and sometimes sparkly shoes on their special day. As a size 9 (occasionally a 9.5), I realized long ago white shoes on me look like skis. Hence, my plan to someday make my something blue a shoe! Really ladies, what a fun way to showcase your favorite color, coordinate with your bridesmaids, or just show off your personal style when you bustle up your dress to dance at your reception. Here is a collection of my favorite brides with colored shoes. Special shout out to my friend Kaitlyn (below) whose first wedding task was to find perfect Aqua shoes and then build the rest of her wedding around them. Enjoy!

Photo Credits: Red shoes, Martha; Blue Shoes, my friend Kaitlyn (great legs huh?!) photo by Hitched Studios of Boston; Green and Yellow shoes, Brides Cafe; Purple Shoes,


3 thoughts on “Brides with Ruby Slippers

  1. Shortcake says:

    LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!!!

  2. miss bee says:

    i am completely IN LOVE with Kaitlyn's shoes. in fact, i may have to steal her idea for my own nuptials (uh, whenever that may be).

  3. Eliza Blu says:

    Yea you and me both sister– on the stealing and the someday! But by the time I get married, I'll have been a Bridesmaid about 100 times, so it's gonna be a cake walk.

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