The White Wedding Guest Dress

Say that title 10 times fast, I dare ya…

This past Saturday I attended a wedding of two college friends and saw one of the more appalling things I have ever seen at a wedding: a female guest wearing a solid white dress. I’m going to let that sink in for a minute… Lucky for her, I did not know her or her date. Her date was a friend of the groom and she was nicely included and attended with him. I don’t know about her, but where I was raised, a guest of a guest need obey even higher standards– but alas I digress. Allow me to set the scene…

It’s a sunny afternoon at a mid-size Catholic church, sitting in a pew is little me, waiting for my turn to rise for communion when I see a girl on the groom’s side rise to reveal her tea length white lace dress. This dress was not unlike many I have seen Brides put on for receptions or post-wedding parties or day after brunches. It was delicate, beautiful, strapless, fitted, and white. Then suddenly I realize, “WAIT!!! The Bride is on the altar, not in a pew to my right. Who does this floosy think she is!?” At that exact moment, I hear a sharp gasp behind me, uttered by my best friend (also a bride to be next July). Knowing what she has just seen, I turn around and mouth a definitive, “I know.” To which she turns, makes eyes at our other friend and so on and so forth for 3 more pews. (Obviously all 6 of us had to sit on the end to have optimal picture taking range, duh.) So as 6 perfectly coiffed hair styles turn in succession, like shiny dominoes, we begin to step into the aisle for communion. It is then that I lock eyes with the Maid of Honor, another one of my bffs, and telepathically scorn this woman with laser beams shooting out my eye balls.

Okay enough, it’s too painful. Now, on to the question my boyfriend asked me when I recounted this story later in the night (he was not present for the mental stoning of this harlot), “Do people still tell their daughters you can’t wear white to weddings?” So internet blogging community I ask you, “Do they?!!” Because as a little girl I distinctly remember my mother scolding me for trying to wear a white and blue sundress to a wedding, for as she said “It is not your day to wear white, your day will come.” Has this respect for the Bride and her one day to symbolize innocence, virtue, possible (haha) virginity, and general spectacular center of attention-ness gone out the window?!?!

Mothers of America, please tell your daughters, there is only one day you wear white to a wedding, and that is on your own wedding day. Not some one else’s.


2 thoughts on “The White Wedding Guest Dress

  1. Eliza- I agree with you wholeheartedly! I can't imagine what that girl was thinking. Was she vying for attention or did she really not have a clue? hmmm…

  2. Eliza Blu says:

    If it was for attention why not wear red or something short? lol. I guess I can't imagine not knowing better, but I suppose it's possible. Thanks for the comment!

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